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Large scale 3D printers, full-scale printing
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Welcome to IMES3D!
David Mestres Mairal

David Mestres


Imes3d is a Start Up company founded by David Mestres, Telecommunications Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. When working for the final Master Project the idea of developing a large 3D printer came along. The printer should be compatible with all kind of filaments and the aim was to print big pieces.


After a full time commitment and hard work, we have available our own developed Large format 3D printers. We also have some others 3D printers of regular dimensions bought to other suppliers.


Our devotion and passion for new technologies, together with our willing attitude towards innovation are the engines for Imes3d. Our steps are firm, we want to be a reference in the industrial market of proximity replacing traditional technologies to manufacture prototypes, molds, pieces and objects by 3D printing technology.

Why us?

  • 3D Large format

    Sole in the market with measurements 1000 x 600 x 1000mm

  • Mechanization

    Multiple finishing and pieces mechanization.

  • Quick service

    Delivery in 48h depending on the project.

  • Reasonable cost

    We will study your project and will offer the most competitive price.